Hanoi Dirt bike, Motorbike, Scooter & Motorcycle Rentals

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For extra peace of mind, all our motorbike rentals include:

  • Helmets
  • Saddle racks
  • Saddle bags + bungees cords + water proof plastic bags
  • Tool Kit with spear parts
  • 24 hour support and assistance


  • Sat navigation = $ 6 / Day
  • 2 x Intercom (Pair) = $ 5 / Day
  • Go Pro 3 plus black = $ 5 / Day
  • Protective riding jacket = $ 4 / Day
  • Protective riding trousers = $ 4 / Day
  • Rain coat and Trousers = $ 2 / Day
  • Waterproof Plastic Over Boots = $ 2 / Day

Please note: Any add-ons must be pre booked in advance:


Vietnam Motorbike office is based in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam and right in the Old (French) Quarter. This is our only office in the country. Unfortunately, we haven’t offered one-way motorbike hire yet.

We have been providing near new or latest model of scooters in Hanoi. Only genuine Honda products, no other brands or Chinese fakes. Please take these details into account when you decide which bike to hire, ask about bike model and year of manufacturing don’t just look at prices. Our rates are competitive and the quality is best.

Why Vietnam Motorbike rents out only Japanese Honda motorbikes
Vietnam Motorbike rents bikes one-way?

For riders who ride on long trip to Northern Vietnamese mountains, larger Honda road and dirt bikes (125-250cc, in good working conditions) are available. We are the first and original 100% Vietnamese company to use only Japanese Honda motorcycles.

Currently, we have four different kinds of bikes out for rent. You can choose from the automatic to fully manual clutch motorbikes. If we do not have the bike you are looking for please let us know and we’ll see if we can get one for you. We may not always have these bikes/gear available at some certain periods. Please contact us as early as you can. All bookings should be confirmed and paid before picking up the bikes.


1. Enduro, dirt bikes (only daily rental basis available, for long distance touring from Hanoi)

2. Road motorcycles (daily and monthly rental available, for long distance touring out of Hanoi)

3. Motorbikes, semi-automatic moped scooters (for expats working in Hanoi on monthly basis with long term contracts, daily rate applied for long distance trips)

4. Fully automatic (AT) scooters (for expats working in Hanoi on monthly basis only, not for long distance trips or on daily basis)

5. Riding gear. You can also hire riding gear from us at $5US/day. These include motorbiking jacket and pants (or protection knee and elbow pads), gloves, rain gear, quality helmet and a pair of saddle bags. Safety riding gear ensures you a safe and comfortable touring on motorcycle.


Honda moped scooters

Super Cub 50cc.
Wave Alpha 100cc.
Wave 110RS, Wave 110S, Wave RSX110 110cc.
Super Dream, Super Cub 110cc.

Honda fully automatic scooters

Wave RSX AT 110cc;
Lead 110cc;
Lead and Air Blade 125cc.

Honda motorcycles, dirt bikes, sports bike

CGL, XR 125cc;
XR, XR Baja 250cc.

Types of bike you can’t rent or available with limited rentals

Fully Automatic Scooters

– Topic Pro, Crea, Scoopy, Lead, Joker, Metropolitan, Giorno, Ruckus, Super, Solo, Dio, Dio ZX, Dio Z4, DJ-01, Caren, Humming, Julio, Sky 50cc, Zoomer 50-100cc, Elite 80cc, Joker 90cc, Aviator, Spacy 100cc, Activa, SCR, Icon, Click, Click Play, Vario, Beat, Air Blade, Air Blade FI, Scoopy, Vision Helmet-In, NSC, Breeze 110cc,
Joying, Fuma, PCX, SHi, @, @ Stream, Mojet, Dylan, PS, Esky, Spacy, SH, Pantheon, Foresight, PS 125cc,
@, Dylan, SHi, SH, PS, Pantheon, Foresight 150cc,
Helix, Freeway 244cc,
Foresight, Forza, Reflex, Reflex ABS, Reflex Sport, Reflex Sport ABS 250cc; SHi, Forza 280cc,
SW-T400, SW-T400 ABS 400cc,
Silver Wing, Silver Wing ABS, Reflex 582cc,
DN01 600cc (Honda);

– Jog, Zuma, PW, Chappy, Gear, Belluga 50cc,
Mio Classico, Mio Ultimo, New Amore, Vino, Nouvo, Nouvo RC, Nouvo Limited, Nouvo STD, Cuxi, Nozza 113cc,
Cygnus, Cynus X4V, Force, Avenue, Fuzzy, Flame, Grand, Bianco, Belly, Maxter, BW’s, Nozza Grande 125cc,
Nouvo LX, Nouvo LX Teaser 135cc,
Grand, Majesty, Maxster, Teos 150cc,
Xenter 155cc,
TMAX 500cc (Yamaha);
– Choi Nori, Street Magic, Youdy, Just’4 50cc,
Amity, AN, Vecstar, Bella, Sapphire, Hayate, Swing, Skydrive 125cc,
Epicuro, Avenis 150cc,
Skyway 250cc (Suzuki);
– Enjoy 50cc, Passing 110cc, Attila, Attila Victoria, Attila Elizabeth, Enjoy Z1-Z3, Picaso 125cc, Excel, Excel II, Joyride 150cc (SYM, VMEP or San Yang Motors Vietnam);
– PX, Excel, ET8, ET4, X7, X9, LX, LXV, Liberty, Zip, Fly, MP3, Aprillia Sportcity 125cc,
Grandturismo (GT), GTS, LX, LXV, Lambretta Special X 150cc (Piaggio, Vespa);
– Peugeot 103 50cc.

Moped Scooters

– Dame, Dax, Chaly, Gorilla 50cc – 70cc – 90cc,
Nice, Super Dream Deluxe, Super Dream Plus, Citi, Diva, Wave ZX, Wave 100S, Wave 1, Wave Alpha, Wave RS, Supra, WaveS, Wave RSX, Wave RSV 100cc,
Future, Blade, Absolute, Wave, Wave RSX AT FI 110cc,
XRM, SRM, Wave, Flush, Future X, Future X FI, Future II, Future Neo, Future Neo FI 125cc (Honda);
– Crypton, F1-Z, Hello Sirius, Sirius V, Sirius R 100cc,
Jupiter V, Jupiter MX, Jupiter MX RC, Jupiter MX RC NEW, Lexam 110cc,
125ZR 125cc,
Exciter, X1 135cc (Yamaha);
– FR 50cc,
A100 100cc, FD Love, Best, Smash, Smash Revo, GSX, Viva, SJ, Royal 110cc,
RGV, Satria 120cc,
Shogun, Shogun R, X-Bike, FX 125cc (Suzuki);
– Max, Max II 100cc, Kaze Hit, Cheer 110cc, Leo 125cc, Kaze ZX 130cc (Kawasaki);
– Angel Hi, Salut, Elegant 100cc, Magic 110cc (SYM, VMEP or San Yang Motors Vietnam);
– Babetta, Sacsh 50cc (Eastern Europe).

Motorcycles, Street bikes, Motocross, Sport bikes

– Jazz, Rebel, Ape 50cc, CD Benly 50cc-70cc-90cc,
Ape, Win 100cc,
GL Max, MSX, Fortune Wing, Magna, Fortune Repsol, Shine, CBF Stunner, Sonic, CBT, CR, CG, CD Benly, Custom, Rebel, Nova, Dash, NX, XL125S, XL125SE, Varadero, Master II, Storm, CM Master 125cc,
CS1, Mega Pro, GL Pro, NSR RR, Phantom, CBR, RR, Unicorn Dazzler, Z1 Unicorn, Verza 150cc,
Mega Pro, GL pro 156cc,
Tiger, MTX, XR 200cc,
Tiger, TL, TLR 200cc, STR, FTR, SL, XR 223cc,
Degree, LA, VT, VTR, VFR, Rebel, CRM, CR, CBR, GB, Custom, CRF, XL, XLR, AX1, CRM, Nighthawk, Hornet, Jade, SilkRoad, CBX Twister 250cc,
CB1, CB Super Four (SF), NV, Steed VLX, Custom, Bros, CX, ZZR, X11, VRX Roadster 400cc,
CBR500R, CB500F, CB500X 500cc,
Africa Twin (XRV) 650cc,
DN-01 680cc,
Africa Twin, Immortal, Shadow CB750,
Hornet 919 900cc,
Varadero 1,000cc,
Shadow 600cc, CBR 600cc-800cc-1,100cc,
X11 1,137cc,
Super Four, ST, VTX, X3, X4 1300 cc,
Gold Wing, F6 C Valkyrie Rune 1,832cc (Honda);
– Z1, XR, Virago 125cc,
Exciter RC 135cc,
FZ15 150cc;
DTR, YBR 200cc,
Serrow, TZR, TW, Bronco 223cc,
XR, TTR, TZR, TDR, Virago, Raid, Lanza, Tricker, SRV Renaissa, SRX, WR250F 250cc,
XJR, Diversion, FZR, Dragstar, SRX 400cc,
FZ6N 600cc,
Tenere 750cc,
TDM 850cc,
YZF-R1, YZF-R6 1,000cc (Yamaha);
– AX4, Crystal, RGV, Royal Sports 110cc,
GN, FXR, RGV, Satria, Raider, EN, Cool, Thunder, Tailung 125cc,
EN-150A, EN150S, FXR, Doch, TSR, Satria, Raider 150cc,
DR, GN, GZ, Djebel, GrassTracker Bigboy, SW1, Inazuma 250cc,
Intruder, Impulse, GSX, DRZ, Tempter 400cc,
RM Z450,
Hayabusa 1,340cc (Suzuki);
– KSR 50cc, KLX 110cc, Extrella 125cc, Kips, Victor 150cc, Boss 175cc, Rouser 200cc, KLR, KDX, KLE, Super Surpa, Super Sherpa 250cc, ZZR 400cc, KLE 400-500cc, GPZ 500cc, W650, Versys 650cc, Ninja ZX-10R 1,000cc, Vulcan 2,000cc (Kawasaki);
– Hyosung, Dealim VS 125cc (Korea);
– Bonus 125cc, Husky 150cc (SYM, VMEP or SanYang Motors Vietnam);
– Simson 50cc, Jawa 350cc, MZ 150cc-250cc-350cc (Eastern Europe);
– All Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Classic, KTM, BMW GS series, Sachs, Indian and Triumph motorcycles etc.

There are also a great deal of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Vietnamese bikes with Chinese engines (namely: Lifan, Zongshen, Loncin, Qing Qui, Lisohaka, Sufat, Halim Kymco, Haelim, Daemu, Sino Hongda, Jialing, Dayang, Detech, Intimex, Fashion, Haesun, Daehan, Sufat etc.) Some are so cheap (as little as $300 USD) but we don’t advise to ride these bikes. Honda is still the most popular and reliable in Vietnam and when people say “Honda” they really mean “motorbike” just like “Google” when you mean “search”. The main reason is not only they are the most popular, but also for quality-price value and the fact that spare parts are so easy to find.

Contact us at info@asiantrailtours.com for more details of our Hanoi Dirt bike, Motorbike, Scooter & Motorcycle Rentals.

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