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Please note that we don’t offer one-way rentals as we have only one office in Hanoi.

Off road riders can buy from Dirtworx for Klim off road gear in Australia.

ir1c1You can also buy Expedition Pannierz panniers from Andy Strapz and you can visit his website by clicking on the logo on the right.

Vietnam Motorbike organizes motorcycle touring by motorbikes, motorcycles and moped scooters. We understand how dangerous riding without safety gear and equipment. Road accident in Vietnam is among the highest in the world and therefore we do recommend to rent gear if you want a safe and comfort adventure on your own or on a guide tour. The cost is 5 USD per day per person for independent riders and 3 USD per day per person for riders booking a guide tour. We used to provide these gear free in 2007 but now we charge this money to cover laundry and maintenance to make sure that the gear is always in good conditions.

The whole idea behind a bike tour is to see roadway and scenery that you have never seen before. Along with the thrill of travelling new roads, comes the danger of the unknown and unexpected. We want each and every tour to be an enjoyable, memorable and most of all a safe experience for all of our customers.

Safety at all times is the most important concern for us here at Vietnam Motorbike. For full-package motorcycle tours, we will furnish our riders from A to Z with all the necessary protective safety devices and equipment. Everything you need to have a professional and safe motorbike experience will be provided.

On the other hand, we would welcome you to bring your own riding gear. In Vietnam, we have a very limited size selection and may not have your sizes.

From our experience, our motorbiking clothes are suitable and fit people from 1.6m to 2.0m tall (available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL sizes).

We use Vietnam-made motorbiking trousers and jackets, with CE-rated protective inserts (IXS, Richard, Rstaichi, Held, Mtech, Halvarssons, Vanucci, Macna, Cycle Spirit, Jofana, Lookwell and Levior etc.) and Scoyco protection pads, imported quality helmets (HJC, CQF Chevignon, HSL, Arai, Bell, THH, KBC, Dillingaf, Yohe, Index, Max, Nolan, Schuberth etc.), Knighthood, Rjays gloves and no longer used any local made helmets (Honda, Amoro, UVE, Long Huei, Azura, Osakar, Hitech etc.)


From early 2009, we didn’t use saddle bags as often as before since it’s very difficult to ride through towns on the road (crazy traffic!). We designed special luggage racks for bikes and with these racks you can bring a medium size bags of up to 15kg (GL160) and 20kg (XL125 and Baja XR250). Here are the pictures of the racks.



HONDA XR125/150



On-road apparel may also be suitable for casual off-road riding. But if you plan on any serious off-road riding you will need more serious off-road gear. In addition to your helmet and eye protection, we recommend off-road motorcycle boots and gloves, riding trousers with knee and hip pads (or knee pads), a jersey with elbow pads (or elbow pads), and a chest/shoulder protector.

Riding gear is available at 3$US/person/day and a typical package includes a HJC 3/4 helmet, a pair of Scoyco fingerless gloves and knee and elbow protection pads which you can see below.

HJC CL-33 2/3 full face Vietnam Motorbike rents

Your helmet is your most important piece of riding gear because it offers the best protection against head injuries. A helmet should fit your head comfortably and securely. A bright-coloured helmet can make you more noticeable in traffic, as can reflective strips.

An open-face helmet offers some protection, but a full-face crash helmet offers more. Always wear a face shield or goggles to protect your eyes and help your vision.

Summer protection knee and elbow pads Vietnam Motorbike rents

Quality gloves Vietnam Motorbike rents

Rent gear and equipment.

OPTIONAL ITEMS (for sale only)

Rando brand rain gear Vietnam Motorbike recommend to buy

NeoVision Joint Stock company is well known for the ANTI-POLLUTED MASK named NEOMASK & KIDDIEMASK with the filter made from ACC (activated carbon cloth) imported from the United Kingdom. They are fashionable, prevent almost dusts, pollutants and odors which are very common on Vietnam roads. The cost is 10 USD per one unit.

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