Vietnam Motorbike Tours provides private and customized tours only, no pre-scheduled trips. Many of our customers book strictly private (closed door) tours while some of them want to have more riders tagged along to have more fun. You can start a ride and we post an update to get more people for you or join one of the existing trips below. As a note, an open door trip usually has rider(s) with different riding experiences and if you care about strangers in the group, you’d better book a strictly private tour. 90% of tour updates we posted had more riders at the end and more than 50% of updates were booked out. We give no guarantee about getting more riders but will try our best.

Intermediate and experienced riders are recommended to join our trip(s), however beginners or riders with very little riding experiences can pay a riding lesson (30$US) in Hanoi before leaving. No refund is available to riders who can’t ride.

Our prices are not the cheapest but we are definitely among the best motorcycle tour operators you can find in Northern Vietnam. The cost of each tour is different from the other. To give you an idea, you pay from 100$US/day/person based on a group from five riders and ride 125cc road bike. Less riders in the group and/or larger dirt bikes cost more. We own Japanese Honda 4-stroke road and dirt bikes from 125 to 250cc, no 2-stroke bikes or other brands. These are our own bikes and we don’t hire bikes from any company. Many companies don’t own bikes but hire from rental shops. Rental bikes are usually in poorer conditions. If you need references or reviews about us, feel free to check it out before you book a trip of your life-time.

You should book at least one week in advance (at least one month before in high season, from September to April). In certain periods, we reserve the right to turn down all late bookings due to bike and guide availabilities.

Below are confirmed tours with places still available, all up to date and definite departures. If you have a similar schedule or if you are interested in joining one of these coming tours, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can work out a way that you can join a partial or full ride. You not only save some bucks but have more fun if you don’t mind travelling with new friend(s). Bookings will only be secured after a deposit (200$US – 500$US/person) is paid. Click here for instructions to send your money.

APRIL 2017

Vietnam Off-road Motorbike Tour Update 1

– Dates: April 11-18
– Bikes: Honda XR250 dirt bikes
– Number of days: 08
– Spaces available: 04
– Trip itinerary: Ha Giang & Northeast (click here for more details)
– Type of tour: Fully guided and supported
– Price: From 119 to 149$US/person/day.

MAY 2017

Motorbike Tour Of Northern Vietnam Update 1

– Dates: May 5-13
– Bikes: Honda XR125
– Number of days: 09
– Spaces available: 02
– Trip itinerary: Ha Giang & Northeast (click here for more details)
– Type of tour: Fully guided and supported
– Price: 119$US/person/day.

JULY 2017

Motorbike Voyage Update 1

– Dates: July 20-31
– Bikes: Honda XR125 or XR250
– Number of days: 12
– Spaces available: 03
– Trip itinerary: Ha Giang & Northeast (click here for more details + one more day)
– Type of tour: Fully guided and supported
– Price: From 129$US/person/day.


Available on request only, depending on bike and guide availability.

For some events that you could join us on these special tours, please follow this link.

13 Days Ho Chi Minh Trail itinerary at a glance

Departure Every Friday with minimum 01 person and maximum 10 people

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